Joy Reid Easter Morning: ‘Laura Ingraham, Republicans Betrayed Jesus By Supporting Trump’

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MSNBC’s “AM Joy” celebrated Easter Sunday by bringing on an “Atheist who believes in God” to accuse Fox News’ Laura Ingraham of “betraying” Jesus.

Frank Schaeffer, who is the author of “Why I Am An Atheist Who Believes In God,” joined the program to insist that it is “not a happy Easter” because of the “vile behavior” coming from people like President Donald Trump and Laura Ingraham.


Ingraham recently apologized for mocking Parkland survivor David Hogg for being rejected from a large number of colleges after Hogg targeted her advertisers.

Despite her apology, Schaeffer trashed Ingraham for her comments and argued that she was betraying the teachings of Jesus.

“The conservative Roman Catholics like Laura Ingraham … look at her, she’s a convert to Catholicism and here we are in Holy Week, culminating in Easter, and she chooses this time to mock a teenager who stood up against gun violence,” Schaeffer said.

“Look at the fall she has taken, now a poster child for imitating Donald Trump’s ugly intolerance,” he continued. “Imagine that, in Holy Week, at a time when Christians around the world are saying ‘he has risen.’”

Schaeffer claimed that because evangelicals and conservative Roman Catholics are following Trump “into the gutter,” it is not a “happy Easter.”

“We are in a moment of betrayal of the teaching of Jesus,” he insisted. “We have an arrogant president who disrespects people and those who follow him are now imitating this vile behavior in Holy Week … that is where we are this Easter morning.”

Host Joy Reid nodded along with Schaeffer’s angry diatribe and voiced her approval with several of his assertions.

Via DailyCaller

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