Border Agents Implore Trump To Complete Wall After THOUSANDS Of Organized Rioters Attacked Wall/Agents

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Southern invaders attacked the southern border wall yesterday Saturday 3/31/2018 in an act of aggression towards southern border agents. They came as a mob of thousands armed with rocks and bottles. Many of the mob members were identified as members of gangs and were flashing gang signs as they perpetrated this all out assault against U.S Border agents. Border agents responded with pepper spray, tear gas, and helicopters. Clearly the situation on the border is total chaos. It is obvious that this needs to be declared a state of emergency. We must protect our border. There is no telling what kind of havoc that this band of violent invaders may have wreaked had they managed to bust through the defensive line of border agents. Thank You for your service protecting our southern border.

How come we are hearing nothing about this on the lame stream fake news media? Maybe it is because they do not want to reinforce the sentiment that we need to protect American citizens from violent criminals that want to do us harm. This act of aggression is not the act of friendly law abiding people who just want to come here in search of the American dream. No these are violent people who are attacking the wall under construction, and the people that are there to build it. This is an act of violence against our country and we cannot allow this to continue. Declare a state of emergency President Trump. It is past time that we get the wall built so that we can have a line of defense against those who would do harm against our country and our citizens.

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