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Liberals Crybabies Just Cost Laura Ingraham’s Radio Show a MAJOR Sponsor For Being ‘Too Controversial’ – This Could Devastate Her Show

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Progressive insurance, a major publicly traded company, has decided to pull ads off Laura Ingraham’s radio programs, and the company – through an ad placement firm – at least partially defined what qualifies as a reason to pull Progressive ads off the air of a certain program: “Controversial programming.”

From Breitbart:

A media ad-buying-and-placement firm for Progressive insurance notified radio affiliates on Friday morning to stop airing ads on or near Ingraham’s programming.

“DO NOT AIR ANY PROGRESSIVE SPOTS IN OR ADJACENT TO ANY CONTROVERSIAL PROGRAMMING, SPECIFICALLY LAURA INGRAHAM PROGRAMMING, IN THE WEEK OF 4/2,” Ad Large Media wrote on behalf of Progressive to radio affiliates nationwide on Friday morning in an email subsequently obtained by Breitbart News.

Progressives jumping on the bandwagon of other companies that are at least temporarily boycotting Ingraham’s shows is a major development. Perhaps even more significant, though, is that through ad placement firm Ad Large Media, Progressive has at least begun to define what constitutes a company’s withdrawal of its ads from a program in this new age of corporate warfare. 

What has happened particularly with Laura Ingraham this week is she made comments about Parkland student David Hogg, prompting a left-wing campaign against her advertisers. In response, some advertisers pulled ads from her show. Then, she apologized to Hogg, Hogg did not accept her apology, and the attacks on her advertisers have continued.

This is absolutely absurd. Basically, liberal bullying and smears have gotten a major sponsor to pull their ads because they don’t agree with the programming? While it’s within the rights of Progressive to choose to spend their ad revenue wherever they’d like, naturally, there would be no issue at all if there weren’t an uprising of easily offended snowflakes complaining. Whatever happened to just ignoring something that offended you, and moving on with your life?

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