He’s At It Again: Jim Carrey’s Latest ‘Art’ Piece May Have Just Put Him on the FBI Watchlist

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Remember when the name “Jim Carrey” was synonymous with a blockbuster comedy film? Yeah, we barely do, either. But as of late, Jim Carrey has started his second career (after not having a hit movie in over a decade,) as a twitter “artist,” who has taken a liking to drawing graphic and obscene pictures of the Trump cabinet and family. He’s already drawn nasty images of Trump in bed with a large-breasted blonde, as well as some other disturbing images.

His latest though, may have crossed the line. He could be in serious trouble for this one.

From Conservative Tribune:

Carrey’s latest picture involves two of President Trump’s sons being killed by an elephant, apparently a reference to their hunting or the fact that their father has chosen to loosen the ban on importing trophies from said hunt.

We warn you, it’s slightly graphic:

Well, at least he keeps it classy.

Now, as we mentioned, this isn’t the first time that Carrey has tried his hand at political cartooning. Unsurprisingly, the others have been just as offensive. Here’s Jared Kushner in Hell:

And here’s the president as the Wicked Witch of the West:

If you liked my last cartoon you may also enjoy…

And here’s Sarah Huckabee Sanders as… well, something Carrey would likely see two hours into his acid trip.

There are also additional cartoons involving (I think) Stormy Daniels and Vladimir Putin we can’t show you because they’re too sexually-explicit.

Now, this clearly isn’t a well man, and I again feel bad pointing out these photographs instead of pointing him to one of Hollywood’s many, many rehab and/or psychiatric clinics.

However, the point is that the internet is eating this stuff up. For instance, the cartoon of Trump’s sons being killed by an elephant is fast approaching 50,000 likes — and that’s one of the more unpopular ones.


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