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Al Sharpton’s Brother Charged in Shooting Murder ONE DAY After Participating in Anti-Gun March

The anti-gun hypocrisy continues.  Yesterday, we reported the revelation that a #MarchForOurLives Performer and Gun Control Advocate Was ARRESTED on GUN-RELATED CRIME.  Today we learn that the brother of Al Sharpton, who attended the march, was arrested for capital murder using a firearm just 36 hours after the march ended.

Rev. Kenneth Glasgow was charged in shooting murder the day after he participated in the local anti-gun march.

Al Sharpton’s brother was driving the car when Jamie Townes reportedly shot Brunia Jennings and killed her while she was driving.

Local WKRG reported:

On Sunday, March 25th at approximately 10:50 p.m., Dothan Police Officers responded to a suspicious vehicle at Stringer Street A.M.E. Church, 1900 Stringer St., while officers were in the area they discovered a wrecked vehicle at the intersection of Lake St. and Allen Road.

One of those vehicles was occupied by Ms. Breunia Jennings, 23, of Dothan. Ms. Jennings was pronounced dead at the scene. Her cause of death was a gunshot wound.

Several people at the scene were detained and taken to the Dothan Police Department for interviews. After interviews were completed Jamie Emmanuel Townes, 26, of S. St. Andrews St., Dothan AL was arrested for Capital Murder. A “no bond” has been issued.

Also arrested for Capital Murder was Pastor Kenneth Sharpton Glasgow, 52, of W. Powell St., Dothan. A “no bond” has been issued in this case.

Rev. Glasgow worked with inmates. Now he is one.

The Washington Examiner reported:

The half-brother of Rev. Al Sharpton, also an activist whose group participated in Saturday’s anti-gun March For Our Lives, has been charged in a Sunday shooting death in Dothan, Ala.

Dothan police said that Rev. Kenneth Glasgow was the driver in a car linked to the murder of 23-year-old Breunia Jennings of Dothan by passenger Jamie Townes, 26.

Dothan Police Chief Steve Parrish said that Glasgow and Townes allegedly searched for Jennings, who they believe had stolen Townes’ car. When they found her, Townes allegedly shot Jennings as she drove, hitting her in the head. She died later.

“Instead of him notifying law enforcement, he took matter in his own hands and jumped in Mr. Glasgow’s vehicle to find Breunia Jennings,” said Parrish, according to a report in the Dothan Eagle.

While police do not believe Glasgow, 52, was the triggerman, under Alabama’s aiding and abetting law, he is is culpable for murder.

Dothan is about 110 miles south of Montgomery, Ala.

Rev. Glasgow is a Democrat.

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