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Christian Couple Being FORCED To Perform Gay Marriages On Their Farm — Their Response Is BRILLIANT!

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In 2012, Cynthia and Robert Gifford, a Christian couple who owned a farm in upstate New York where marriage receptions were often held, politely refused to hold a gay marriage on the premises when a lesbian couple targeted their farm as their venue of choice.

The lesbian couple sued, prompting a three-and-a-half year legal battle that culminated in the New York Supreme Court Appellate Division upholding a decision by the New York Division of Human Rights in 2014, in which an administrative law judge for the state, Magdalia Pares, finedthe Giffords $10,000 and ordered them to pay the lesbian couple $1,500 each.

In the appeals court ruling, presiding judge Karen Peters wrote, “The Giffords are free to adhere to and profess their religious beliefs that same-sex couples should not marry, but they must permit same-sex couples to marry on the premises if they choose to allow opposite-sex couples to do so.”

But now, the Giffords have created the perfect response to the whole unfair situation: they inform anyone who wants to hold a wedding on their property that they will donate a percentage of their profits to organizations that champion traditional marriage in America.

As Faithwire reports: “Displayed at the bottom of each page in the ‘Weddings’ section of its website is a clearly marked disclaimer that reads”:

At Liberty Ridge Farm, our deeply held religious belief is that marriage is the union of one man and one woman, and the Farm is operated with the purpose of strengthening and promoting marriage. In furtherance of this purpose and to honor and promote our moral and religious beliefs, we donate a portion of our business proceeds to organizations that promote strong marriages such as the Family Research Council. The patronage of all potential clients for all services offered is welcome regardless of race, creed, color, national origin, sexual orientation, military status, sex, disability or marital status. All couples legally permitted to marry in the state of New York are welcome to hold their wedding at Liberty Ridge Farm. We serve everyone equally.

Video of Cynthia Gifford speaking from 2014:

Video of fun on the farm below:

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