[WTF?] Actor Adam Baldwin: ‘The 2nd Amendment Needs To Be Rethought’

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Actor Alec Baldwin entered the gun control push on March 5 by tweeting that it is time to ‘rethink the Second Amendment.’

From Breitbart:

His tweet comes on the heels of a new NRATV ad calling out “every Hollywood phony” and members of the “lying media.”

The ad features NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch saying, “We’ve had enough of the lies, the sanctimony, the arrogance, the hatred, the pettiness, the fake news. We are done with your agenda to undermine voters’ will and individual liberty in America.”

She continues, “So to every lying member of the media, to every Hollywood phony, to the role model athletes who use their free speech to alter and undermine what our flag represents, to the politicians who would rather watch America burn than lose one ounce of their personal power … your time is running out.”

Baldwin used the NRA ad as a springboard from which to complain about the number of guns Americans can legally purchase and to criticize the Second Amendment in general.

He tweeted:

I see that @DLoesch wants to “take back the truth.”
And she doesn’t care how many dead bodies she has to step over in that pursuit.
The Second Amendment is not a moral credit card that buys you all the guns you want.
That law needs to be rethought.

The Second Amendment says nothing about how many guns a citizen can purchase because the goal of the Second Amendment was to restrict governments, rather than individuals. As with all amendments in the Bill of Rights, the Second Amendment is in place to restrain tyranny via regulation and legislation, not to limit the people’s freedom.

Looked at another way, does the First Amendment only protect an American’s right to speak a certain number of words freely? Are Americans limited to an arbitrary standard of 30 or 40 words of free speech, or it is okay for Alec Baldwin to speak freely using 49 words in a tweet?

It’s absolutely ridiculous that anyone in this country would want to “rethink” or change a law that provides a freedom and right of every citizen. What’s next? Should we do away with all parts of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness?


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