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Dad of Parkland Shooting Victim Completely DESTROYS Media’s Narrative on Gun Control

Andrew Pollack, father of a Meadow Pollack, a student killed in the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School challenged the prevalent media narrative on MSNBC Monday.

From Daily Caller:

MSNBC’s Chris Jansing asked, “You’ve said, also, that gun control laws are not achievable right now. You’ve been advocating, correct me if I’m wrong, a school safety first program. What makes sense to you from where you sit?”

“Correct,” he said.

“Well, part of the problem is the media, like before you got on you started talking about the AR bill and it takes away from the focus of what’s important to me and I think a majority of Americans. They want to just know their kids are safe.”

“So every time the media starts talking about gun control, it takes away from our objective of making our schools safe, which is achievable right now it we come together. If the media stops saying gun control and instead of using the word gun control put in there school safety, it will be an easy task for us to get together and make it happen.”

Do you agree or disagree with Pollack? Is the gun control debate the wrong conversation to be having? Should we be focusing specifically on making schools safer instead of worrying about gun issues?

What do you think?

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