Trump Sticks To His Guns, Shows The Left They Can’t Take This From Americans

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The Second Amendment is currently under all-out assault… but President Donald Trump isn’t caving in.

After the tragic school shooting by a mentally deranged young man in Florida, liberals and the media have pointed the finger at a group that had no connection to the crime: The National Rifle Association.

First, a CNN-organized “town hall” event became a clearly biased chance to bash gun owners and essentially accuse the NRA and its spokesperson Dana Loesch of having blood on their hands.

Then, companies including Enterprise Rent-a-Car which had discount programs for NRA members began tearing up their agreements and made it obvious that any member of the gun safety and firearm ownership group was unwelcome in their locations.

With all of this hysterical pressure on an organization made up of some five million law-abiding gun owners, it would have been easy for Donald Trump to distance himself from the NRA. Instead he did the opposite.

During a quick chat with reporters while leaving the White House to attend a conservative conference, Trump actually defended the NRA and took a stand for its many members.

“These are good people, in many cases great people, they are patriots, they love our country,” the president said. “The NRA wants to do the right thing, I’ve been speaking to them.”

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