Grassley Takes Schiff Out Back And Gives Him A Trouncing He Wont Soon Forget, Then Grassley Says The UNTHINKABLE

Democratic Congressman Adam Schiff accused the Trump White House and Republican Senator Chuck Grassley — chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee — of trying to undermine special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation.

How? By supporting the release of the House Intel Committee’s memo detailing the alleged surveillance abuses of the Obama FBI and DOJ to illegally spy on Donald Trump.

Grassley’s spokesman Taylor Foy responded by saying Schiff should apologize for hurling baseless, defamatory insults at his Capitol Hill colleagues.

“If Schiff is going to claim that it is Grassley’s intent to undermine the Mueller probe, they should back it up with actual evidence or retract it and apologize for questioning the motives of their colleagues without any basis whatsoever,” Foy told Fox News (see video). “Otherwise, they’re only exposing their own biases.”

Democrats blamed Trump after the FBI asked them to edit their memo to redact classified “sources and methods” used by U.S. intelligence agencies.

When President Trump sent the memo back to Democrats to revise — at the urging of the FBI — they accused him of trying to block the memo’s release. Trump has said he wants both the Democrat and Republican memos made public.

But insiders say this was a ploy all along by Democrats: To write a memo loaded with classified secrets that would force Trump to redact classified intel. Then, they’d be able to push their narrative that Trump doctored their memo for political reasons.

But President Trump tweeted that he was already aware of this plan all along.

Similarly, Senator Grassley’s spokesman, Taylor Foy, said the Democrats aren’t fooling anyone with their transparent tricks.

Foy said Dems never wanted the Republican memo released, because it revealed that the Obama FBI and DOJ had illegally spied on Trump campaign staffers by obtaining bogus FISA warrants that were based almost entirely on the discredited “Trump dossier.”

Foy explained:

“Keep in mind that the Democrats voted in lock-step not only to keep the Republican memo from being released to the public, but they voted to keep it from being released to the House of Representatives. So now that there’s political fallout from that, they had to come up with a way to blunt the political impact and do some damage control.

And that’s really why they have loaded [the Democratic memo] with national security sources and methods, so the White House would be obligated to redact it, and then [Dems] are going to turn around and say, ‘They’re doing it for political purposes,’ knowing the WH can’t adequately defend itself without revealing those sources and methods. It’s a circular trap they set.”

Adam Schiff and Democrats are still reeling after being caught lying when they breathlessly claimed that releasing the House Intel Committee’s FISA memo would be the end of the world because it would divulge top-secret information that threatens national security. That claim turned out to be totally false. There was no top-secret, classified intel in the Republican memo.

As for accusations that the FISA memo is an attempt to undermine Robert Mueller’s investigation: Mueller is doing a great job undermining it himself. After an exhaustive, expensive, year-long probe, the special counsel has produced no evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia. But the same can’t be said of Democrats and the Russians.

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  1. The dem”s are in for a lot of trouble trying this ruse of having classified information within their rebuttal memo to the memo released by the republicans which also had a few redaction’s in it. If they think they can smear the republicans when they have purposely put in classified information that is not to be released to the general public then it only shows how sneaky and cowardly they are. This does not help the democratic party it only shows their contempt and culpability in relaying things that should be redacted.

    • How anyone, in good conscience, can vote for a democrat is beyond me. They are in office only because they prey on those that won’t do the research needed to elect for the good of the country. They stuff the ballot boxes with the votes of illegals.

  2. I believe that anyone that is caught lying when serving the people of the United States, the show be removed from office and their pension forfeited. This kind of practice should not be tolerated.

  3. The whole damned democrat investigation has revealed the fraudulent crimes by bo, hilary, lynch & holder in the DOJ, along with appointed & liberal asses of crime in the FBI & CIA ! So when’s the trial ?

  4. The democrats will try anything and I sure wish and pray that they will get arrested, convicted and put in prison immediately. This has gone far enough. They are endangering our security by their actions
    I don’t remember the republicans acted like this when obummer was president.

  5. My, MY, just mind-boggling of WHAT has become of all the members of this party, and if there is even ONE clean-cut member left of this party of EVIL, that person must be DEEPLY, DEEPLY “ASHAMED”, because this all has become a CIRCUS, a CIRCUS full of DERANGED “CLOWNS”, and CANNOT be called a GOVERNMENT anymore- all CREATED especially by Hillary as she, and I am totally sure and convinced of that, even TAUGHT Obama a thing or two of HOW to be so, so DEPRAVED……!!! This party needs to be disbanded as many of these CLOWNS need to be ARRESTED, not just FIRED with FULL benefits, but thrown BEHIND bars for their CRIMINAL actions, as this BEHAVIOR is absolutely NOT acceptable in any shape or form…..!!! It’s clearly NOT about being DIRTY, it’s all about CRIMINAL activities for these so called democrats and CANNOT and should NOT be TOLERATED as we will LOSE our country if we DON’T stop these criminals NOW…!!! Jeff Sessions do YOUR job or get OUT of the way…….!!!!!

  6. Just take a good look at Schiff’s eyes, that asshole is surely off in the damn head! Schaffer needs a good stay in a mental hospital he knows this 💩 Is fkd up and anyone in this country with an ounce of sense knows it !!!!

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