BLOCKBUSTER-NY Times Reports U.S. Intelligence Purchased Fake Russian Trump Intel

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Not the likely headline and story one would expect from the February 9th New York Times Front page.

It is why there has been no credible evidence of Collusion by President Trump with Russia in the 2016 campaign; and there never will be. Did Putin and Russia meddle in our Election? Maybe, but there is no proof yet produced that they did. That said, if they did, it wasn’t in collusion with Trump, and wasn’t in the way Democratic interests would have us believe. To date all the recent facts, documents, and revelations concerning false information, to skew or meddle in a US election in a collusive fashion involving Russia, have involved Democratic party operatives, Hillary Clinton’s campaign, and Democratic Party financiers. Many asked under oath by investigators have simply asserted their Fifth Amendment privilege.

This latest story by the N.Y. Times illustrates the most recent revelation of Russia’s efforts and attempts to manipulate, fuel and inflame the manufactured Russia/Trump Collusion crisis. It seems by the facts of the article, we have now even paid for the false and misleading information peddled by Russian intelligence operatives against our own President. Putin has to be laughing all the way to the bank, likely adding $100K in U.S. dollars recently acquired into his personal retirement account.

“He claimed the information would link the president and his associates to Russia. But instead of providing the hacking tools, the Russian produced unverified and possibly fabricated information involving Mr. Trump and others, including bank records, emails and purported Russian intelligence data.” -via The N.Y. Times

The United States intelligence officials said they cut off the deal because they were wary of being entangled in a Russian operation to create discord inside the American government. They were also fearful of political fallout in Washington if they were seen to be buying scurrilous information on the president.-via The N.Y. Times

Democrat’s, and now it appears even important individuals within our Governmental agencies such as the FBI, Obama’s Justice Department, and Intelligence agencies; have sought, and have even used false and politically sourced, and manufactured evidence passed off knowingly as intelligence in their effort to secure a ‘smoking gun’ to get President Trump.

Is it any wonder, given the inexplicable result of the Comey Obama Justice Department, and FBI investigation into Hillary’s email server illegalities. Then to be followed with these recent revelations about fired (not by Trump) FBI Deputy Director McCabe, using the discredited, and false Trump Dossier details exposed by the FISA Memo. The dossier was created by the Fusion GPS Democratic dirt-digging hit team, funded at least partly by DNC and Clinton campaign coffers, and were passed off as ‘intel evidence’  to falsely obtain a FISA warrant from a Judge to grant surveillance on a Trump associate, and effectually, on Trump himself.

These next two paragraphs makes me wonder what is going on here.

The United States officials worked through an intermediary — an American businessman based in Germany — to preserve deniability.

The episode ended earlier this year with American spies chasing the Russian out of Western Europe, warning him not to return if he valued his freedom, the American businessman said. The alleged Trump material was left with the American, who has secured it in Europe. -via the N.Y. Times 

You mean to tell me we paid $100,000 to this spy for false information allegedly involving our President that was left with an ‘American Businessman in Germany- who has it secured in Europe?  Really? There is no NSA, or CIA analysis to glean any intel from it either about origination, structure, dissemination, or IT forensics?


FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe- recently fired by the FBI. Prior to the FISA memo release and critical IG Report revealing partisanship in Professional judgment and actions. 


I believe the entire Russia/Trump Collusion narrative is fabrication. If not the product of Dezinformatsia imported by Moscow, it was originated by the The Democratic Party leadership and DNC. Spawned by desperation it was a preemptive strike and damage control mechanism created by them knowing for weeks Assange claimed a dump of damning documents was coming, for many weeks before they were released. They morphed an internal whistleblower with a USB thumbdrive of downloaded documents as the likely source feeding WikiLeaks documents; into a Russian and Trump collusion and conspiratorial “hack: on their servers. Everyone hates the Russian’s and everyone hates Trump was all they required in Implicating Trump in the scheme. It would serve them well politically in the effort to sway their like-minded allies in the Mainstream Media, their friends of influence within Governmental agencies, and the American people. Voter backlash against Trump at the ballot box was an added bonus and benefit.

Photo by WSJ

Just like that, people were deceived faster than you could say ” Saddam has Weapons of Mass Destruction.”  Without evidence, a case was made, sold, accepted and presented as Gospel etched in stone as though from a Burning Bush. The DNC accusations of Russian involvement, served to obfuscate the truth of an internal. DNC leak.  Assange’s forceful denial refuted the DNC claim insisting that  Russia had no involvement whatsoever in providing the leaked documents to WikiLeaks. While Assange would not, and has never revealed a source,  he has all but confirmed it indirectly with subsequent and overt actions and suggestions. I believe Seth Rich was the leaker, and Assange essentially confirms that fact.

Less than two weeks after the Rich murder, Assange and WikiLeaks announced a $20,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction for the murder of Bernie Sander’s supporter and the DNC’s Voter Outreach Director, Seth Rich.   Rich was inexplicably shot from behind and killed near his home in the early morning hours walking home from a neighborhood pub in what a stellar team of Volunteer investigators concluded was likely a ‘Contract murder hit job’. This team of investigators received virtually no help from D.C. Police and were compelled to act in the face of incompetent, and apathetic efforts by Metro police investigators to simply write it off as a ‘botched robbery’ absent any evidence to support their claim for a robbery when no cash, credit cards, jewelry,  or his cell phone were ever taken.

Rich’s murder came shortly before the eventual release and publication of the first dump of DNC WikiLeak documents just prior to the DNC National Convention. I believe Seth Rich was involved and was the likely source for the leak. I believe as a Bernie Sander’s supporter with his full access to the DNC computer systems their corruption and deeds to sabotage Bernie Sanders were discovered. Rich turned WikiLeaks Whistle-blower to expose how the DNC rigged the Primary system in stealing the nomination from Bernie Sanders, for Hillary.

Given Assange’s impeccable record of 100% veracity, and accuracy in his revelations, and assertions, his credibility should not be challenged. In fact, in this Dutch TV interview when asked about the Set Rich murder, and suggestions Rich was the source, Julian Assange instigated the discussion about risks of and to his sources, and danger in the United States specifically, then threw Seth Rich right into to the subject of that conversation bringing up his example in the context of his murder.  Technically, Assange maintains his commitment to never reveal or confirm his source, when he had this to say essentially naming the late Seth Rich as his source in the video below.

Via YouTube

This is why I believe to this very day the DNC Computer Server, at the center of and source of the whole Trump/Russia collusion hacking debacle, allegedly breached and hacked, has never been examined by the FBI, nor any governmental, investigative, intelligence, IT security, or investigative IT forensic outside expert(s).  DNC and Democratic Party officials have refused all access by outside agencies, and investigators simply asserting that their own internal Computer security firm “removed malware” they found and was left behind by ‘hackers’.

Please let that fact sink in for a moment.…. Why won’t they let it be examined?

In an article by avowedly Liberal News Journal The Nation, the author Patrick Lawrence on Aug 9th, 2017 Raised this critical point of fact, along with his contention and investigative conclusion with an expert team that there never was a hack, but instead it was an “inside job”, by a leaker from within the DNC itself.

“Behind the ICA (Intelligence Community Assesment) lie other indefensible realities. The FBI has never examined the DNC’s computer servers—an omission that is beyond preposterous. It (the ICA report)  has instead relied on the reports produced by Crowdstrike, a firm that drips with conflicting interests well beyond the fact that it is in the DNC’s employ. Dmitri Alperovitch, its co-founder and chief technology officer, is on the record as vigorously anti-Russian. He is a senior fellow at the Atlantic Council, which suffers the same prejudice. Problems such as this are many.” –via The Nation (emphasis is mine)

Lawrence further contends, that the DNC was anxious because Julian Assange tipped off the World publicly weeks ahead of time that he had a huge document dump coming on the Democrats. Was a decision made to portray the DNC as the “victim of Russian hackers” as a strategic offset for sympathy for the damning details coming out any day? Is this where the seeds of a so-called Russia/Trump Collusion hacking conspiracy were actually sown?

“It does not require too much thought to read into this sequence. With his June 12 announcement, Assange effectively put the DNC on notice that it had a little time, probably not much, to act preemptively against the imminent publication of damaging documents. Did the DNC quickly conjure Guccifer from thin air to create a cyber-saboteur whose fingers point to Russia? There is no evidence of this one way or the other, but emphatically it is legitimate to pose the question in the context of the VIPS chronology. WikiLeaks began publishing on July 22. By that time, the case alleging Russian interference in the 2016 elections process was taking firm root. In short order Assange would be written down as a “Russian agent.”via The Nation (emphasis is mine)

The facts coming to light by this N.Y. Times article, and the recent FISA Memo release, reveal  “Collusion” within our Government agencies through Democratic Party campaigns, PAC’s, political connections, and money exchanges, that provides a trail that links and directly connects them. It seems rather than being the subject for collusion allegations; the President is the target of collusion supported by mounting evidence.

Is it accidental, or coincidental that the DNC, Democrat Party Leadership, Media, FBI, Obama Administration Justice Department, and now even some in our our own law enforcement, and Intelligence organs, align perfectly, seemingly in Collusion with Putin, and Russian goals and intentions to destroy the Trump Presidency and Policy agenda from the start?

In the end, based upon the actions and goals of those undermining and attacking the President; does the intent matter? Does it matter if it’s from within, or without our borders or both in collusion with each other, wittingly, or not? The result is the same. A torn and broken Nation, paralyzed and consumed by it’s political discord, dysfunction, distrust, and political apathy. We are a Nation diminished and weakened in every regard from  Economic vitality, to our National Security while engaged in a War on Terror to eliminate ISIS and terror from the face of the Earth.





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Written by Michael R. Bednarz

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