TIMES UP: Donald Trump WILL Declassify FISA Memo, Here’s When…

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The wait for the release of the highly controversial top-secret FISA memo could finally be over.

Fox News Chief White House correspondent said President Trump will declassify the memo for release Friday morning.

Democrats and the FBI have been objecting to the memo’s release. The final document that will be made public will reportedly include some technical redactions requested by the FBI.

A panicked FBI issued a statement saying it had “grave concerns” over the memo’s potential release. And Congressman Adam Schiff penned a late-night letter in an effort to block Republicans decision to let the American people see it.

Democrats appear to be in a full-blown panic with Intell Committee Chairman Devin Nunes, who spear-headed the memo, in their crosshairs. Nancy Pelosi fired off a last-minute letter to Paul Ryan demanding that Nunes be removed from his position as chairman:

The Democrats’ attempt to bury the FISA memo and to undercut its credibility is only serving to heighten Americans’ interest. This may be an unintended effect of their effort to selectively prevent transparency when the party has been leaking information to the press the entire Trump presidency.

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