“Now We’ll See If Dems Love America More Than They Hate The President” – Sander’s Takes Off The Gloves, Slams Dems With This Post SOTU Challenge

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Sarah Sanders has President Trump’s back like few others do.

The White House Press Secretary was not happy with what she saw as President Trump delivered his State of the Union address Tuesday night. The president’s speech was a resounding success with many Americans, but Democrat lawmakers and their media cohorts spent Wednesday slamming Trump and his message anyway.

Sanders, upset with Democrats’ childish behavior both during and after SOTU, put their feet to the fire late Wednesday afternoon with a blistering tweet.

“President Trump reached across the aisle to offer a bipartisan path forward in the State of the Union,” Sander wrote.

“Now we’ll see if Democrats love America more than they hate the President and will actually work together with Republicans to do what’s right for our country.”

Even though CNN spends every waking minute blasting Trump over everything from his personality to the Russian collusion conspiracy, a quick poll of their viewers showed 70 percent approved of Trump’s message during SOTU.

While the president’s address nearly broke all applause records (only one other president received more), long-time Democratic Rep. Nancy Pelosi made news by sitting dour-faced — something else that Sanders was quick to call out.

She should “smile more often,” Sanders told CNN’s Chris Cuomo. She then went on to repeat the message in her tweet and challenged Democrats to make a decision:

“Do they love America, more than they hate this President?”

A sobering question to mull as Americans witness the nation’s capitol, the place of the people’s business, being turned into a never-ending spectacle.

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