[VIDEO] Did You Catch Trump’s MAJOR Bashing of NFL During SOTU Address? Liberals Are FURIOUS!

During Trump’s SOTU address he took a moment to take a little shot at the kneelers and remind them that a lot of Americans out there didn’t appreciate what they did.

From Breitbart

With the 2017 NFL season now down in the record books as having lost another ten percent in TV ratings, the league has found a $30 million dip in ad revenue, a report says.

As the final numbers for advertisement sales for the season were tallied, the league discovered that its revenue fell 1.2 percent because “makegoods” rose to beat rate increases. A makegood is a partial repayment of money charged to advertisers because the viewership did not reach the expected numbers to justify the top rate.

Revenue was reported at “$2.42 billion, down from $2.45 billion in 2016,” according to media industry trade magazine Ad Week. That is a $30 million loss according to Awful Announcing.

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