[VIDEO] NYU Students Called Trump’s State of the Union Speech ‘Racist’…DAYS Before He Even Delivered It!

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How racist did liberals think President Donald Trump’s State of the Union speech was? It was such a racist performance that they were able to adjudge it as such seven days before he actually delivered it.

This is completely and totally pathetic. Liberals are already forced to lie about Trump to make him look bad, but now they’re lying so brazenly, they’re only making themselves look ridiculous.

From Conservative Tribune:

The interviewer baited students with questions on the premise that the speech had taken place the night before. While some were honest — “I didn’t watch it because I couldn’t bring myself to watch it,” one young woman said — others were … less so. 

“Quite racist, at the very least, if not up there with most racist,” said one student — who had obviously spent hours diligently poring over every State of the Union ever given, including Franklin Pierce’s 1856 address in which he railed against “the strenuous agitation by citizens of the Northern States, in Congress and out of it, of the question of Negro emancipation in the Southern States.”

“Wow, already quickly climbing the scale,” the interviewer joked.

When another putative student was told that Trump’s immigration stance during the speech was deemed by some to be “especially hateful,” she almost immediately agreed.


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