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Donald Jr. Completely DESTROYS Hillary in a Series of Tweets During Her Idiotic Grammys Speech

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The Grammys are almost always the least-watched awards ceremony each year, with the MTV Movie Awards even getting higher ratings, but that didn’t stop failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton from going on TV and making a total fool of herself.

President Donald Trump’s oldest son, Donald Trump Jr., tore into the sore loser like a tornado in a set of tweets he posted before the show’s end.

From Conservative Tribune:

As the Conservative Tribune already reported, Clinton briefly appeared at the Grammys this Sunday to read a snippet from “journalist” Micheal Wolff’s spurious new book, “Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House,” which as a reminder contains a virtually unending stream of lies about the president.

Her pathetic performance occurred after a litany of pompous celebrities first read from the book, though Clinton’s reading reportedly drew the largest rounds of applause that night.

I guess congratulations are in order? 

Actually, congratulations are indeed in order, since Clinton’s attention-grabbing appearance at the Grammys managed to again prove why the American people made the right decision in 2016 by electing Trump into office.

This woman is more than just an idiot and embarrassment — she’s the embodiment of everything that’s wrong with liberalism, from its love of media-generated fake news to its embrace of corruption, deceit and evil.



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