Dem Governor’s Son Triggers MASSIVE BACKLASH After Flashing Racist Hand Sign During Inauguration

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New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy has been in office only a few days, but he’s already facing a media firestorm.

Welcome to higher office, governor.

The Democrats’ replacement for the previous governor Chris Christie, who is out of office all of three days and already being denied VIP entrance at the Newark airport, is suffering his own awkward moment.

While at the podium being sworn into office, his son flashed a sign that is sure to send the media into a meltdown.

Let’s take a closer look and in slow motion:

Democrats nationwide as they see this:

Gov. Murphy’s son Josh, a twenty-year-old college student, ignited controversy with the “circle sign,” which has a number of interpretations: One of them being a “white supremacy” hand sign that has reportedly caught on under President Trump. Here are a few examples.

If you’ve noted that this looks exactly like an “OK” sign, you’d be right. As points out:

More recently, however, the sign has been associated with a supposed code used by members of the white power movement. The Anti-Defamation league has called that association a hoax.

The extreme interpretation, and overreaction by liberals, has led to the hand sign being used as a common troll by Trump supporters, however. Some news reports are chalking it up to the “circle game“: a juvenile contest to make someone look at a thumb and first finger made into a circle; the “loser” gets slugged in the arm.

That would be a really odd use of the circle game, however: In front of complete strangers, at his father’s swearing-in ceremony? Who would the young man slug in the arm?  Josh Murphy has not yet responded to questions about its meaning at the time of’s publication.

This won’t prevent Democrats from going into hysterics about the young man’s hand sign, however. The Democratic governor’s son: A closet Trump supporter? Merely the thought is enough to send shudders down every liberal’s spine.

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