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Chelsea Clinton Just Publicly Thanked Melania Trump, and Mom Hillary is FURIOUS!

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Chelsea Clinton publicly thanked first lady Melania Trump for her decision to replant part of a historic White House tree…but mom Hillary is going out of her mind about it.

From Conservative Tribune:

Stephanie Grisham, a spokeswoman for Melania Trump, told the The Associated Press: “Mrs. Trump has asked that wood from the tree be preserved, and that seedlings be available if the opportunity to plant a new tree arises.”

Despite the controversy, Chelsea Clinton publicly thanked the first lady for her decision — a move her mother, Hillary Clinton, is sure to hate.

“Thank you to all the Chief Horticulturists and everyone from the National Park Service who have taken care of the beautiful grounds of the @WhiteHouse over the years,” Chelsea Clinton wrote in a Dec. 26 post.

“Thank you @FLOTUS for preserving part of a tree I & so many have treasured,” she continued.

Chelsea Clinton just admitted that something done by a TRUMP was the right move…it’s unprecedented!

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