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After Horrific Vegas Shooting, The City Will Have Snipers On Many Hotels During NYE Celebration

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Following the horrific mass murder in October at a country music concert along the Las Vegas Strip, there have been concerns about large crowds gathered together in the city becoming a target once again.

From Conservative Tribune:

According to TheBlaze, the city of Las Vegas is going above and beyond all previous efforts to ensure New Year’s Eve revelers will enjoy a safe and secure celebration this upcoming Sunday evening.

The increased security measures include stationing snipers alongside spotters atop many of the tall buildings overlooking the famous Strip, where hundreds of thousands of people will be gathered to listen to music and watch a fireworks display.

Presumably, those spotters and snipers would be able to quickly locate and rapidly respond with lethal force in the event of an attack on the crowd.

The Las Vegas Review-Journal reported that, in addition to the rooftop snipers, about 1,500 Metro police officers will be on duty over the holiday weekend, and those officers will be supported by roughly 300 Nevada National Guard troops deployed to various parts of the city, including the Strip, downtown and at the McCarran International Airport.

Furthermore, the Metro Police Department has doubled the typical number of quick response teams deployed to the Strip to counter any problems, as well as broken them down into smaller groups to be spread around instead of simply having them stationed at either end of the three-mile stretch that will be blocked off for the weekend’s events.

Do you think that the LVPD is going overboard, or are these precautions necessary for a city that has already felt a harsh attack? Should other large city celebrations, such as the ball drop in NYC also take these kinds of precautions?


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