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Liberal Media Thinks It’s ‘Awful’ That Policy Would Be Made Based On Election Results

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“Elections have consequences.”

So said Democratic icon Barack Obama.

But that principle appears to be lost on the liberal media.

An MSNBC panel on Wednesday openly lamented that American policy is determined by what party wins the election.

Journalist Katy Tur led the panel discussion on the Republican tax plan.

She and her guests argued that Republican lawmakers in high-tax Democratic states will face difficulty in their reelection bids because the proposed bill allegedly doesn’t offer sufficient deductions for state and local taxes.

Guest Elise Jordan said:

“It unfortunately is a bill that seems targeted towards areas that didn’t necessarily vote for Donald Trump in the 2016 election. And I think it’s unfortunate that — that we are designing public policy in a way that, you know, comes down to how you voted in an election.”

The MSNBC crew then described the tax plan as a bill specifically designed to benefit the wealthy.

“Some lawmakers were pretty frank about who they were trying to appease with this bill,” Tur said. “They said, very frankly, this is the donors who are asking for this. The donors are the wealthiest Americans who give a lot to campaigns and give a lot to these lawmakers in order to get reelected. Isn’t that the sort of admission that will come to haunt you in an ad going forward for 2018 or 2020?”

Jordan went on to claim that even wealthy Americans are against the GOP tax reform bill.

“The irony is that there’s some Republican donors I’ve spoken with, particularly on the hedge fund side, who actually hate this bill because they are not necessarily passed through businesses. So they aren’t going to be able to reap any benefits, so they’re questioning their investment in the Republican party when they feel this is a bill that specifically targets them.”

President Trump has repeatedly touted the tax reform bill. On Thursday, he tweeted:

“As a candidate, I promised we would pass a massive tax cut for the everyday, working Americans. If you make your voices heard, this moment will be forever remembered as a great new beginning – the dawn of a brilliant American future shining with PATRIOTISM, PROSPERITY AND PRIDE!”

In October, White House Press Secretary Sarah  Sanders dismissed Democrats’ claim that the tax reform bill will exclusively benefit the rich.

Sanders argued that the rich pay the most taxes, and thus logically save the most from money from tax cuts.

Ultimately, Republicans argue that lowering taxes across the board–particularly corporate taxes–stimulate economic growth that benefits the entire country.

But an MSNBC panel wouldn’t be expected to understand basic economics.

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