Desperate Hillary Selling ‘Resistmas’ Tree Toppers

Members of the “Resistance” can rejoice this holiday season as a growing number of online retailers have decided to sell Hillary Clinton Christmas tree toppers.

The ornament features a 3D model of Clinton, a former First Lady and 2016 Democratic presidential nominee, dressed in a pantsuit wearing angel wings.

Those who want the tree-topper will have to pay a pretty penny for it—the price for this tree topper ranges from $107 for the average-sized tree to more than $900 for oversized trees more than ten feet.

The online crafts retailer Etsy is selling the item, as well as the United Kingdom-based retailer Women to Look Up To, which also sells Christmas tree toppers featuring Beyonce and Serena Williams.

President Trump’s most vocal critics in “the Resistance” started the #Resistmas movement on Twitter, sharing links to the tree topper, an activist advent calendar, and other apparel to show their opposition to all things Trump.

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