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San Fran’s Last Gun Shop Closes, and Violent Crime Has Gone UP Like a Rocket

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Guns are bad, at least that’s what the left would have you believe. Taking them away means that crime will go down, and everyone can live together and just be happy and there will be no more crime, ever again. La-la-la, happily ever after.

Well, tell that to the people of San Francisco.

From Conservative Tribune:

Two years ago, High Bridge Arms in San Francisco was forced to close its doors after proposed Democratic-backed anti-gun regulations began making it impossible to keep doing business. It was the last gun store in the city.

According to NPR, those changes included new city-level requirements to videotape every gun purchase in the store, as well as report all ammunition sales to the police.

Yes, somebody in California actually thought it was a great idea to call the police every time a citizen buys a box of target or hunting ammo.

“They just want to make San Francisco a gun-free zone, a gun-free city with no gun shops,” customer Chris Cheng said around the time of the gun shop’s closing.

NPR reported that High Bridge Arms had been open for 63 years, and its closed doors marked the end of an era.

“My wife, she bought her first rifle here. Actually I bought my first handgun here,” recalled customer Steven Walker. “It’s pretty amazing we’re losing this shop.”

Fast forward to today. If anti-gunners are correct, closing every gun store in the country and making America one giant “gun free zone” would solve everything. So, what has actually happened in the San Francisco area as a result of anti-gun polices?

Violent crime spiked.

“In the Bay Area, several cities outpaced the national average increase in violent crime – San Jose was up 14.3 percent, Berkeley rose 13.6 percent, and Fremont saw a spike of 24.6 percent,” reported KPIX CBS News in September of this year. Those numbers are based on FBI data.

Straight from the crime statistic horse’s mouth – no guns and crime INCREASED. Sorry liberals, not everything is so black and white.

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