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Chicago Has Most Violent Thanksgiving Weekend On Record – 33 Dead, 143 Wounded…And The Media is SILENT

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When people think of violent cities, they probably think of New York and Los Angeles, and maybe even Detroit, but it’s likely Chicago is not at the top of their list.

It very well might be, after you see the staggering numbers of violent crimes committed over the course of just one long, Holiday weekend.

From Conservative Tribune:

Last week, the city of Chicago saw its second most violent Thanksgiving Day in recent years. There were almost four dozen shootings that took place just over the long weekend.

These numbers are completely staggering. Between Wednesday afternoon and early on Monday morning, there were 44 people shot within the city of Chicago. Data taken by the Tribune reported that eight of those who were shot lost their lives.

The Left along with the mainstream Liberal media can’t seem to help themselves. They continue to cover up what is really happening with false narratives of police brutality and gun control complaints. There is a serious problem in our inner cities, and it’s about time that we address it. This issue has not gotten any better over the years, even though Liberals continually try to construct social stepladders in order to navigate their way out of it.

We can’t sit by and allow innocent lives to be taken any longer. How many Americans need to lose their lives before we take action? And, by action I do not mean taking away guns from law abiding citizens or gunning down police officers simply because they are in uniform.

It’s clear as day that making gun free zones and trying to get rid of the Second Amendment has done absolutely nothing to stop criminals. Making drugs illegal has not helped the addiction problems in our country, so why would anyone in their right mind believe that making guns illegal would take them off the streets? All it does is make it that much harder for law abiding citizens to protect themselves while criminals obtain guns illegally. The bottom line is that criminals are just that, and they will go to any lengths they need to in order to commit their crimes.

Do you agree with their take – are criminals just “naturally” going to commit crimes, so creating laws and trying to force people to comply aren’t actually helping anything?

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