American Liberals And Communist China Have This One Very Sinister Thing In Common

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Mention that Christianity is under attack and liberals will go barking mad! In the narrow, twisted mind of liberals Christianity and White Supremacy go hand in hand. Being a (God forbid) Evangelical should (to the liberal hive mentality) be punishable by stoning, banishment and forced reading of “What Happened” (to include listening to the audio book in the scratchy, whiny voice of Hillary Clinton herself if you are a member of the ministry and actually believe in what you preach).

Being in the ministry itself is fine you see, as long as your not crazy enough to believe in God or any of that nonsense. Yes, preachers who don’t believe in God are actually a thing and a growing thing at that, encouraged by the rise of “New Atheism” which evangelist and President of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary Albert Mohler defines as

“…the newly aggressive and influential atheist movement that has gained a considerable hearing among the intellectual elites and the media”

That’s a pretty apt description, but it is well worth remembering that this is the type of attack that Christianity is under here in America – land of the free and home of the brave. Go elsewhere in the world and things deteriorate rapidly from there.

Take China for instance, while it is arguably a good thing that President Trump has improved our relationship with China dramatically (they even let him exit Air Force One from the side door – a big step up from how they treated Obama), China hardly embraces Christianity, in fact according to an article by Hot Air’s Ed Morrissey the Communist nation has begun an extremely aggressive campaign to eliminate Christianity entirely.

The campaign might not (for now) involve dragging Christians from their homes in the dead of night to disappear into some dark prison or reeducation facility, nor does it (currently) involve burning down houses of worship, but in many ways the program currently underway in China to eradicate the worship of God is far more insidious.

It seems that the Communist government isn’t opposed to the population worshiping someone, they just want to control just who it is that the populace worships.


Conservative website published a story that discussed revelations made by Catholic News Services concerning the Chinese government

“.. the government has begun a “conversion” program among poorer Christians to remove religious iconography from their homes. It’s not a replay of the Reformation, but instead an attempt to install Xi Jinping as a figure of worship instead:”

The program has been initiated amidst the poorest elements of the Chinese population as they would seemingly be the most susceptible to threats of the removal of public assistance. Lack of assistance to the poor of China means a lack of food.

“Christians in an impoverished Chinese province have to remove images of Jesus and replace them with pictures of Communist Party Chairman Xi Jinping if they want to receive government assistance, part of a government-sponsored plan to discourage religious practice.”

Sadly it would appear as if the program is having some success,

“Thousands of Christians in an impoverished region of southeast China have already removed crosses and images of Jesus Christ from their homes and replaced them with pictures of China’s leader, according to a local social media account, participating in a government effort to “transform believers in religion into believers in the party.”

Fortunately America still possessed a large number of people who embraced core values who stood up to the secularism that is so prevalent in our country today. Who knows how close America could have been dragged to the edge of the pit that China find’s itself in? Can you imagine your children, grand children or great grand children replacing pictures of Christ with likenesses of Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton?

As disturbing an image as that thought might produce, it is imperative that one keep such a thing in mind while casting votes in the upcoming 2018 midterms let alone the 2020 Presidential race. We owe it to future generations to avoid becoming either a pale imitation of the United States or a pathetic imitation of modern day China.


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