CNN And MSNBC, Dishonest, Disingenuous And Very Fake News

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It’s evident that the talking heads of CNN, MSNBC and the alphabet networks (ABC, CBS, NBC) hate the term “Fake News”.

In fact any of us familiar with the gaggle of talking heads at both CNN and MSNBC have most likely seen them display apples, oranges or bananas (as if trying to sexually attract a minion) in a truly bizarre attempt to convince everyone that CNN or MSNBC are in fact “Real News” this despite a myriad of evidence to the contrary.

The holidays however have barely just begun and yet both CNN and MSNBC have gifted us with stunning examples of why President Trump is so dismissive of them, and why we should join with him in rejecting both the pettiness and senselessness of their reporting

Lets start with Piegate, which is sadly a real thing. It seems that Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders tweeted a picture of a Pecan Pie she had baked (despite her hectic schedule) during the Thanksgiving holiday.

Here is the photo of the pie and the accompanying tweet that started the controversy

This prompted ace reporter.April Ryan (whose previous claim to fame was moronically asking the Press Secretary if the administration thought slavery was wrong) to immediately begin questioning Sanders as to the authenticity of the pie, well perhaps not the authenticity as even the intrepid reporter didn’t deny the the picture was indeed of a pecan pie, she just questioned whether Sanders had actually made it with her own little Press Secretary hands

Ryan is a journalist for the American Urban Radio Networks and a CNN contributor, you remember CNN right? The network that couldn’t find the time to report on at least 24 known sexual misconduct incidents involving Democrats – this year??

If only the oh-so-inquisitive Ryan could have been persuaded to investigate Fast & Furious or Benghazi or Uranium One or any number of scandals involving Obama administration and Clinton Foundation members that a highly complicit media swept under (and continues to sweep under) a very large and ever growing rug. The world would no doubt sleep better at night.

But sadly it was not to be, it would almost appear as if Ryan has some type of *gasp* bias against Trump!!,But of course that’s not even possible given the high level of professionalism and fair mindedness that defines the culture at CNN (joke)

It is strange that a media that totally swallowed the BS that was served up by the three stooges (Robert Gibbs, Jay Carney and Josh Earnest) and then shamelessly begged for more can find fault with the Trump administration Press Secretary’s baking skills or lack thereof.

Moving along we find our favorite Trump hating couple Joe Scarborough and his BFF, Co-Host and Bride to be Mika Bzezinski performing lets say ‘a wee’ bit fast and loose with the facts on their post Thanksgiving broadcast. It seems that the couple actually taped the show on Wednesday (prior to Thanksgiving) but tried to sell it as a live broadcast on the day following Thanksgiving.

Perhaps the saddest part of this entire very sad episode from Scarborough is his reaction to being caught. Responding from criticism (and ridicule) from Fox New’s personalities Laura Ingram and Britt Hume the ratings challenged MSNBC personality tweeted

Gee Joe, you sure got us, we thought all of your shows were fake.

Going back to the constantly embattled Press Secretary, perhaps she should have taken a page from the Obama administration concerning the authenticity of her Pecan Pie and blamed a YouTube Video.

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