Liberals Fuming After Republican Columnist Points Out Trump Has Millions More Followers Than Failing NYT

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In keeping with her annual holiday tradition, liberal New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd let her Republican brother Kevin write her Thanksgiving Day column this week.

Kevin Dowd has been delighting conservatives and outraging Dowd’s limousine liberal readership for years now. (Personal favorite: Kevin’s Christmas 2009 column when he told Sarah Palin: “Keep up the good work. Anyone who annoys Keith Olbermann that much is a friend to all of us.”)

This year, Kevin found a pithy way to summarize why President Trump’s tweeting “can be an effective defense” – Trump, he writes, “has 43.2 million Twitter followers. The New York Times has 3.1 million subscribers.”

He continues:

Trump got into office because of Congress’s inability or unwillingness to do its job. The voters were so fed up, they turned to a reality TV star instead of the 20 politicians on the menu. (Or 20.5 if you want to count Martin O’Malley.)

But the Republicans do have a problem. They are in total control and have not passed any major legislation. They cannot let large egos — theirs and Trump’s — get in the way of this opportunity. They are also facing a rear-guard attack by Steve Bannon, who brings his own army of candidates with him. I’m not a Bannon fan. But he’s holding Republicans’ feet to the fire, which should be done.

The Democrats have their own issues. Their leaders are all on Medicare and cling to power like a drunk hugging his bottle of schnapps at last call. Liz and Bernie want the party to be more liberal, as if that were possible. If they move any further left, they will be driving in Britain.

Their more pressing problem is Hillary, now in exile on her endless book tour. She continues to hover above the party like some giant pterodactyl of Christmas Past.

Read the rest here.

As might be expected, the comment section for Kevin’s column reflected the outraged New York Times’ readers felt at having their safe space invaded by a Deplorable. Their reactions ran the gamut from: “It’s this type of delusion that makes me want to cry into the gravy” to “Maureen Dowd deserves a medal of valor for sitting down to Thanksgiving dinner every year with this guy.”


Via Breitbart

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