Black Democrats Want You To Support Black Politicians Instead Of Buying Christmas Presents

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Prominent black celebrities, including actors Yvette Nicole Brown, Meagan Good, and Dulé Hill, star in a Funny or Die video posted Thursday urging Americans to “take Black Friday back” by donating to The Collective PAC, an organization committed to “fund and elect 45 progressive black candidates in 2017 & 2018.”
“Instead of splurging on stuff, let’s spend our money on progress by boosting black politics,” actress Meagan Good says in the three-minute video.

“With Black Friday around the corner – it’s arguably the biggest shopping day of the year, a day when retailers turn a profit and most people go broke spending their holiday bonuses,” Brown says.

“Join The Collective by reclaiming Black Friday this November 24 and support something that is really gonna make a difference in our lives,” says TV personality Jeff Johnson.

Viewers of the video are asked to tweet #ReclaimBlackFriday and text 48484 for more information about The Collective PAC.

The Collective PAC, according to its website, is a federally registered political action committee. “45 years after Congresswoman Shirley Chisolm’s historic Presidential Campaign & the National Black Political Convention, our 45th President is threatening the progress we’ve made. Join our campaign to recruit, train, fund and elect 45 progressive black candidates in 2017 & 2018,” the organization’s website reads.

The organization’s website asks those interested to donate to candidate running for various political offices, from Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum’s gubernatorial race in Florida to former NAACP boss Ben Jealous’ campaign for Governor of Maryland.

Virtually every candidate The Collective PAC has featured on its website is running or ran campaign as a Democratic candidate.

“By reclaiming a day that is synonymous with retail, we’ll turn it into a day to promote qualified people of color to affect change in local governments,” Brown says.

“90 percent of the elected officials in our country are white,” says Good “Not even 90 percent of our country is white.”

“With that kind of under-representation, it means that there’s a lot of people making a lot of decisions that don’t really understand the needs of the black community,” Carri Twigg says in the video.

Via Breitbart

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