Steve Bannon: If It Weren’t For Fake Liberal News, Minorities Could See Trump Is On Their Side

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Former White House chief strategist Stephen K. Bannon believes that a big part of his vision for economic nationalism is extending opportunities to black and Hispanic workers.
“The whole purpose of this economic nationalism and populism is to give voice to the voiceless. The deplorables are also the black and Hispanic working class,” he said in a video conversation with author Keith Koffler about his new biography of Bannon.

Bannon made his remarks after a speech in South Carolina at The Citadel, where he detailed some of his ideas.

He said he wanted inner city kids to have the chance to be fully invested in the country, by stopping illegal immigration from driving down wages, and by fixing trade deals.

“We’ve got to start having access to capital to black and Hispanic entrepreneurs,” Bannon said.

During the financial crisis, Bannon said that the Wall Street class were taken care of by the government but that the smaller banks got crushed since many of them loaned money to working-class people who didn’t get rescued by the government.

“The elites took care of themselves,” he said.

Bannon said that he was putting together a “task force” of black and Hispanic entrepreneurs to help them build their communities.

That, he explained, was the way to evolve the Republican party into a working-class party for all Americans.

“That’s why the media and that’s why the Democrats are freaked out about that,” he said.

Via Breitbart

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