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The Pentagon Just Gave Thousands of Troops An Amazing Present This Thanksgiving Day

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It’s going to be a wonderful Thanksgiving for many of our troops stationed overseas, after the Pentagon announced they had sent over 100,000 pounds of turkey to our troops.

From Breitbart:

The Defense Logistics Agency Troop Support provided service members deployed to Afghanistan, Iraq, Jordan, and Kuwait with:

98,820 pounds of turkey
47,880 pounds of beef
31,650 pounds of ham
30,384 pounds of shrimp
3,110 gallons of grape juice
918 gallons of eggnog
6,288 pies
9,378 cakes (which includes 382 cheese cakes)

The team also worked with regional vendors across the globe to provide Thanksgiving meals to Navy ships at sea and troops in Japan, Singapore, Philippines, Korea, Okinawa, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Europe, and Africa.

There are more than 257,000 active-duty troops and reservists stationed overseas, according to Pentagon statistics.

We are thankful every day for our troops, but on this Thanksgiving day, please give your thoughts and prayers to all of those who are fighting to continue our freedoms.

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