Planned Parenthood Released a ‘Guide’ For Snowflake Liberals Who Need a Safe Space During Thanksgiving

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It’s really the only thing there is to say about the latest “guide” that was released by Planned Parenthood, which discusses ways that liberals and sad, pathetic children can feel safe during the holidays with their “evil, Trump-loving” relatives.

From Breitbart:

“Visiting family for Thanksgiving can be challenging,” Planned Parenthood observes in its Tumblr post titled “Thanksgiving: How to Deal with Difficult People.”

“Your dinner companions may say hurtful, offensive things about race, gender identity, sexual harassment and assault, birth control coverage, abortion, or any number of topics — which can feel stressful, isolating, or enraging,” the abortion provider adds, extending four tips on how to “feel safe” if you are planning to be around other people for the holiday.

First, Planned Parenthood says you can engage in “self care” by making decisions that allow you to “feel safe,” including the options of “not going home at all, going home with a friend or partner by your side, or only visiting for dinner.”

Second, the group recommends developing allies among “family members who love and respect you.”

“The more people in your family who can call people out … on their problematic behavior, the less acceptable it will be,” Planned Parenthood asserts.

Sorry, but if you need a safe space during the holidays because you can’t be an adult and understand that people have different opinions, then you should just stay locked away in your bedroom, and don’t even think about that turkey. Sad state of America, isn’t it?

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