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Establishment Republican, Lindsey Graham, Turns Back On Roy Moore, Reveals Why On TV

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Sen.Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.)  said he had been willing to give Roy Moore the benefit of the doubt when the sexual misconduct allegations arose, but now he’s heard enough and he thinks the Alabama Senate nominee is guilty.

Here’s the video of Graham’s comments on Fox News:

“We’re in a political environment,” Graham told Fox News host Shannon Bream. “[When] the allegations first came out I said, if true he should step aside. I’ve heard enough. I believe the women.

“He was barred from a mall. His behavior was so extreme in his thirties that apparently the Gadsden mall put him on the no-fly list,” he said. “That tells me a lot. I don’t know anybody personally who’s been banned from a mall.”

“But when you put the whole puzzle together it’s pretty hard not to believe it,” he continued, “it has a ring of truth and we’re gonna lose a seat we shouldn’t win, and to my good friends in Alabama, your decision in the next coming weeks will determine whether or not Trump’s agenda’s successful because I don’t think Mr. [Doug] Jones could be an effective senator given the baggage he has, and looks like Mr. Jones is on course to win, and he’s not gonna help us at all.”

“He’s not gonna vote for anything on this agenda, tax reform,” Bream said of the Democratic candidate, “repealing Obamacare in part or full.”

“[Sen.] Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) is the biggest winner if Roy Moore loses and Trump’s the biggest loser,” Graham said.

“Well, what if Roy Moore wins? You know there’s a lot of talk about expelling him from the Senate,” Bream responded.

“You don’t want to prejudge,” Graham said, “but I think most people up here have taken a hard look at this and believe that there’s a lot to the accusations. And you know again if your behavior is so creepy you can’t go to the mall, it’s pretty hard to come to the Senate.”

Moore faces Jones in a special election on Dec. 12.

Where do the allegations stand?

More accusers have come out to describe various acts of sexual harassment and abuse allegedly by Moore, with many saying the interactions happened when they were very young and Moore was in his 30s. A former mall employee came forward to confirm the report  Graham mentioned of Moore being banned from the Gadsden Mall because of problematic overtures he had made to young women there.

Moore has denied the allegations of improper behavior and said that they are a part of an organized effort by the media and the GOP establishment to smear his good name so that he loses the senatorial election.

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