FAIL: NYT Desperately Searches For Someone To Defend Sex Allegations Against Bill Clinton, Come Up Empty Handed

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The New York Times couldn’t find any Democrats to defend former President Bill Clinton in an article revisiting the sexual harassment and rape claims against him.

The flood of sexual harassment accusations against prominent figures like Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein and Alabama GOP Senate candidate Roy Moore has forced many members of the establishment media to revisit the litany of accusations against the former president. (RELATED: Media Forced To Acknowledge Bill Clinton’s Alleged Sex Crimes)

In an article published Wednesday evening, the NYT’s Peter Baker noted that he couldn’t find anyone, including Bill Clinton, to speak on the record in defense of Bill Clinton.

“Mr. Clinton has kept publicly quiet amid the flurry of sexual misconduct stories lately, and his office had no comment on Wednesday,” Baker wrote. “But other Democrats were not as willing to come to his defense this week. Of a dozen prominent political activists contacted on Wednesday, none went on the record on Mr. Clinton’s behalf.”

Democrats’ public distancing from Clinton is a stark contrast from the way they treated him while he was still politically influential.

The former president played a public role in his wife’s presidential campaign just last year, including a primetime speech at the Democratic National Convention that was well-received in the media.

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