US Citizen/ Left-Wing Extremist Attempts To Enter North Korea ‘For Political Reasons’

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A lost Hillary supporter looking for Canada? Or something even more sinister? A Louisiana man has been arrested for allegedly trying to enter communist North Korea for political purposes. He may have been drawn to the authoritarian state because it has some allure among leftists in the United States who may be deceived by propaganda from Pyongyang that depicts the country as a socialist paradise.


Yonhap cites authorities as saying that the 58-year-old, identified only as “A,” came to the South Korea three days ago and was seized at 9:55 a.m. Monday as he trespassed without a permit onto the northern side of the Civilian Control Line about 39 miles north of Seoul.

The Louisiana man was arrested by South Korean police about an hour after a villager found him in the Baekhak Ward of the border county of Yeoncheon and reported him to the Army in the region.

A U.S. Embassy official reportedly told the Los Angeles Times that authorities were looking into what happened but could not immediately provide more details.

“If it is determined that a U.S. citizen has been detained, the U.S. Embassy will provide appropriate consular services,” said the official, who spoke on condition of anonymity because of privacy concerns.

MSN, citing Business Insider, reports that the Louisiana man was arrested while trying to cross the demilitarized border zone to defect into North Korea “for political reasons.”

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It was unclear whether the man would be charged or what his true motives were. South Korean police, the army and the country’s National Intelligence Service are investigating the incident. All we can say is, ARE YOU CRAZY, MAN?

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