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  • China Sides With Trump In This Crushing Move Against North Korea


    China did not export any oil products to North Korea in November as U.S. sanctions against the isolated country continue take effect, according to a report Tuesday from Reuters. The move comes as North Korea ratchets up ongoing nuclear and missile programs despite years of U.N. resolutions prohibiting the actions. U.N. Security Council imposed a […] More

  • US Citizen/ Left-Wing Extremist Attempts To Enter North Korea ‘For Political Reasons’

    A lost Hillary supporter looking for Canada? Or something even more sinister? A Louisiana man has been arrested for allegedly trying to enter communist North Korea for political purposes. He may have been drawn to the authoritarian state because it has some allure among leftists in the United States who may be deceived by propaganda from […] More

  • New Report Outlines Reasons Why War With North Korea Is Inevitable

    A protracted war between the United States and North Korea is “now a real possibility,” a respected British think tank concluded this week. “Casualties in such a conflict would likely reach the hundreds of thousands, even if no nuclear weapons were used,” according to a report by the Royal United Services Institute. “There could be […] More

  • North Korea Plans Moon Mission

    North Korea is aiming to plant a national flag on the moon within the next ten years, a senior official with Pyongyang’s version of NASA told the Associated Press in a report published Thursday. Hyon Kwang II, director of the scientific research department of the National Aerospace Development Administration, said that international sanctions would not […] More