BREAKING: A PA Democrat Was Just Arrested After Child Pornography Was Found on His Computer

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If the Hollywood scandals are showing us anything, it’s the no one is ever who you think they are. The child pornography problem  in our country is massive, probably larger than anyone can even realize, and it’s disgusting. It’s even more disgusting when a politician, or a person is power, is outed as a pedophile.

From Conservative Post:

Philip Air, who is a former member of the board of commissioners in Radnor Township, right outside of Philadelphia, was forced to resign from his post on Monday morning. This past October, he was charged with possession and dissemination of child pornography, criminal use of communication facility, as well as abuse of children.

The television station reported that 66-year-old Ahr was forced to hand over his badge in addition to submitting a formal letter of resignation that explained that he would be leaving his seat.

Ahr stepped down as the board’s president on October 23rd.

What do you think should happen to people like this? Do they need help, or do they need to be locked up and strung up?

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