BREAKING: Roy Moore Accuser Just Did a MAJOR Backpedal – Deleted ALL Accusations and Political Posts From Social Media

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Deborah Wesson Gibson, the woman who alleges that she engaged in a (legal and consensual), yet highly inappropriate relationship, with Republican senatorial candidate Roy Moore, has deleted multiple political postings from her Facebook page, including all of her anti-Moore articles, as well as rants and posts where she talked about removing President Trump from office.

From Conservative Post:

In the posting about Biden, Gibson wrote that she was “honored to interpret for Vice President Biden in the Fall of 2012!” Gibson owns Signs of Excellence, LLC, a sign language interpretation company that advertises it is based in Florida and Alabama.

In one deleted posting saved by Breitbart News, she shared the image of her with Biden in response to a posting from the campaign page of Moore’s Democratic opponent, Doug Jones.

Do you think that there is something “underhanded” about her change of heart, or were her comments fake from the start? Let us know your thoughts.

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