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Another Extremely Vocal,Trump-Hating Celeb Just Had Their Career Flushed Away Over Sexual Assault Allegations

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Louis C.K. may be funny, but it’s not funny to take our your penis and begin masturbating in front of women, which 5 separate people have accused the Trump-hating stand-up comedian and TV star of doing. Unfortunately for C.K., and fortunately for the rest of us, it looks like he might not have much of a platform to bash our President for much longer.

From Conservative Post:

America’s celebrity elite are all turning on one another, just as they were trying to come together in some silly “resistance” to President Trump.

One of the more outspoken A-listers bashing Trump was comedian Louis C.K.

The guy is funny, no question about it. But his repeated attacks on Trump were disingenuous and contrary to the Democratic spirit of America.

And you know what else isn’t funny?

Sexual harassment.

That’s actually what brought Louis C.K. down.

Amid the Harvey Weinstein firestorm, numerous reports are coming in that Louis C.K. sexually harassed at least five women.

And now, he’s paying the price. HBO has dropped Louis C.K. from a big upcoming broadcast, and is pulling all his previous content from the network.

Do you think that what Louis C.K. did was as bad as others who are having their careers in Hollywood destroyed? Does C.K. deserve to take his place along side these other people in having his upcoming projects cancelled? Will this change your opinion of him? Let us know in the comments!

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