Broadcasting Legend Vin Scully Viciously Attacked for Daring To Express SUPPORT For American War Veterans

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You don’t have to be a Dodger’s fan to love Vin Scully, the guy is a true legend. His broadcasting career has covered over 60 years and has included both baseball announcing (something he is considered the all time best at) and coverage of the National Football League.

Recently at an event entitled “An Evening With Vin Scully” the legendary announcer was asked his opinion about the current trend of players kneeling during the National Anthem, he was more than slightly opposed (as you can well imagine)

NBC Sports and many other media outlets reported on Scully’s comments, and if you were expecting something less than grudging admiration and respect for Scully, well lets just say that you hit it right out of the park

Ashley Varela while writing for NBC Sports penned an article on Scully’s comments, and her opinion of Scully’s declaration was something less than positive. Echoing many statements made in the last week by such liberal stalwarts as Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton (you can read an excellent article detailing the statements right here), Varela pulled out the “old white guy” card

“While it would be easy to write this off as another old white guy out of touch with the social and political problems of today’s society, that only trivializes an important issue. If any positive change is going to stem from these silent protests, it will require those in positions of power and influence to become allies, not adversaries”

As everyone well knows there is no better way to win someone over to your side as an “ally” then to publicly shame them

An exhaustive search of the Internet did not reveal at exactly what age white guy’s become old, and even more important, at what age they are not allowed to express an opinion without seeming “out of touch with the social and political problems of today’s society” but a good guess is anything over six months older than the person who is disagreeing with you.

Sure Varela is a baseball fan she apparently follows and writes about the game out on the West Coast, but in all likelihood Scully has spent more time reading box scores or walking up and down dugout steps than Varela has been alive. That goes for the majority of those who took to social media to express their dissatisfaction with the guy.

But basically Varela is trying to say that because Scully is guilty of being both “old” and “white” he can’t possibly render an intelligent opinion on a subject as nuanced as players kneeling during the national anthem, of course she (despite her relative youth) can, and of course her opinion renders Scully’s mute.

It goes without saying that Scully’s reasoning behind his pronouncement was dismissed with very little (if any) consideration by those in favor of anthem protests.

Remember, Scully was asked his opinion about players kneeling (unlike so many of the left wingers criticizing him). The guy’s reasoning for his refusal to ever watch the NFL again was short and to the point

“…I have overwhelming respect and admiration for anyone who puts on a uniform and goes to war. So the only thing I can do in my little way is not to preach. I will never watch another NFL game.”

Cue the liberal outrage

And this person (who strangely enough looks amazingly Caucasian) wants to explain to us about white privilege – despite the face that she is unsure how to spell the word.

Another brilliant young tweeter (who apparently skipped the English Comprehension courses at whatever bastion of liberal education he attended) also takes to Social Media to bash Scully and to launch his own verbal attack on “old white men” (a group he is doomed to join one day, and judging by his receding hairline much sooner than he might think). Patrick is of course a lawyer who lives in California (surprise, surprise, surprise). Both of these facts will surprise absolutely no one when they read his tweets.

It’s hard to make a point on twitter, it’s even harder to make a lot of points in a single tweet, but this aptly named individual really makes a concerted effort

Many of the tweets condemning Scully also mentioned Bruce Maxwell and they lauded the young man for his bravery in becoming the first MLB player to kneel during the anthem, but strangely enough they all failed to mention Mr. Maxwell’s problems with his story about being harassed and denied service because of his kneeling (which was covered in an excellent article that you can read here)

Oddly enough there are no reports about Scully attacking all of those who hold a different opinion that he does on the matter of kneeling, but then unlike the many social justice warriors who deride Vin Scully, the guy has always been known as a class act.

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