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This Teacher Just Came Up With a SICK New ‘Declaration of Independence’ For Her Students

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Sometimes, the liberal agenda goes a little too far – and when it comes to changing the Declaration of Independence, the line gets pushed to limits that no one should stand for.

According to The Daily Mail:

At Salk Elementary School in Mesa, Arizona, a teacher decided to have her students recite a “gender-neutral” version of the Declaration of Independence.  the teacher’s version of the document reads “all humans are created equal” rather than “all men are created equal.”

For some reason, this teacher felt that one of the most important issues of the day is sexism in one of our founding documents. Go figure.

Unfortunately for the teacher in question, parents did not take kindly to her revision of the Declaration of Independence. Elizabeth Vaillancourt — whose son was a student in the teacher’s class — announced her displeasure on Facebook. She wrote, “Zev’s teacher has this hanging in the classroom can anyone guess what’s wrong with this picture?”

Vaillancourt’s post was accompanied by a picture of the revised document hanging on the teacher’s wall. In the document, the teacher had crossed out each mention of “men,” and replaced it with “humans.”

What do you think? Should this teacher be allowed to alter something as sacred as the Declaration of Independence just to fit her own agenda? Should she be allowed to be teaching if these are the kinds of “changes” she sees fit to make and teach to our young children?

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