[VIDEO] CNN Finally Admits Truth: Yes, Hillary Rigged The Election

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Even fake news has to eventually face the truth when it slaps them in the face over and over again. Even though the truth was hard to swallow, CNN had to suck it up and tell their viewers the truth.

Hillary screwed over the Democratic party. She rigged the election against Bernie Sanders. Even President Trump had some sympathy for Bernie. Trump told Fox New’s Laura Ingraham it was very unfair to Bernie Sanders and that Hillary’s actions were illegal. WELL WHAT’S NEW?

According to Bizpac Review,

CNN anchor Brooke Baldwin could barely utter the words, announcing that Clinton’s campaign “hijacked” the DNC’s funding operations a full year before she scored the party’s nomination over Sanders.

Brazile, who took over as the interim DNC chair in 2016 when Florida Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz was forced out of the position, made the explosive allegation Thursday while promoting a new book, saying she had found “proof” that the DNC handed Clinton the nomination.

Baldwin conceded to her guest, former Sanders campaign manager Jeff Weaver, that the Vermont senator had been right all along about the the DNC’s favoritism towards Clinton.

Watch the full video below. You can almost see tears in her eyes as she is forced to admit her heroine was CROOKED after all.

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