Food-Stamp Use At Lowest Levels Since 2010 But Here’s What We Need To Do Next

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Food-stamp use has declined substantially since the start of Trump’s presidency due to illegal immigrants dropping out of the program.

CBN News compiled the data, showing,

The latest USDA statistics show enrollment in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) during the first few months of Donald Trump’s presidency decreased 2.79 percent. The use of food stamps on average in 2017 diminished to its lowest level since 2010.

And the most recent numbers show that this is not just a trend.

Across the country, food banks and hunger advocates around the country have noticed a decline in the number of eligible immigrants applying for food stamps and a rise in the number of immigrants seeking to cancel their food stamps under the Trump administration.

Advocates of immigrants believe this trend stems from fears that Immigration and Customs Enforcement will notice immigrants’ participation in the food stamp program, leading to them being denied U.S. citizenship or worse yet, being deported.

Trump has repeatedly tried to push through budget reforms to cut the SNAP program, not because he wants people to starve, but because he wants to do right by the people of America. Putting America first means putting the needs of US citizens before the needs of illegals who just want to mooch off a system they are not contributing to.

Putting America First also means improving the American economy. We need to motivate people to get jobs and get off welfare. Unfortunately the only way to do this is make welfare less cushy of a ride. That couch is comfortable, and it is easy to sit there when everything is being taken care of for you. Sure there are some people on the SNAP program because they are in a bind, and no one wants to see kids starving, but we have to do more to help the “lifers” learn help themselves.

Liberals don’t want to see the Snap program touched, but their own facts prove OUR POINT.

According to the Washington Post,

Government spends around $350 billion per year providing cash, food and housing benefits to low-income persons. Around 90 percent of this spending comes from the federal government. It makes no sense in a federal structure of government for the federal government to pay the full costs of national defense, Social Security and Medicare while also picking up 90 percent of the cost of supporting the poor. States should bear a greater share.

The other element of the Trump proposal would require able-bodied, non-elderly recipients to work or prepare for work as a condition of receiving aid. Polls show nearly 90 percent of the public agree with this principle. They believe welfare should not be a one-way hand-out.

That’s right- 90 percent of Americans believe it should not just be a hand out. But, since the federal government provides the majority of the funding, states are less inclined to monitor where the money is going. On the state level they are better able to detect food-stamp fraud, including people selling their food stamps for money to buy drugs.

People need to get out of the way and let Trump, and other Republicans, do their jobs. It is time to stand up for America and stop supporting people who want to do nothing to support themselves.

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