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Robert DeNiro Just Called For Trump’s Arrest – But Then His DEEP, DARK Secret Is Revealed

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Robert De Niro’s oblivious hatred for President Trump is now resulting in the actor’s self-exposure of each and every dark skeleton in his closet.  De Niro, who is the ‘Butch’ of his generation, has never been afraid to get down and dirty, as long as things were heading his way, and he got all the attention. Well, those who cannot do, teach, right?!

Now, De Niro visited the Global Citizen Forum, where he took the time to swing at Trump on several unreasonable topics.
“In my country, we have an administration that totally is not being helpful,” said De Niro. “We have a leader who’s not leading, that doesn’t know what he’s doing.”

Tense and awkward as only De Niro can be, he continued, “The sooner he can be either impeached or just not, you know—I can’t imagine him going for another three years, but whatever, or maybe he’ll be arrested and put in jail, but whatever.”

Much ado about nothing, man. Jails are not intended for guilt-free people, and despite his ‘tragic’ movie characters, this ain’t a motion picture. Or, is he talking about Hillary Clinton? It is hard to tell since everything he mentioned above refers to the former Secretary of State. Could he even be talking about his good pal Harvey Weinstein? That would make so much sense.

However, before taking things too personal, De Niro needs to rethink his own deeds since, as of late, Harvey Weinstein has been overwhelmed with sexual harassment accusations, that could implicate the Hollywood actor as well. Namely, De Niro owns several restaurants, one of them being the Tribeca Grill, a name that popped up in the Weinstein drama on several occasions.

Moreover, waitress Jade Bukowski worked for De Niro at Tribeca Grill from July 2016 to January 2017, and she is now claiming that actually, it wasn’t Weinstein who maltreated her, but  De Niro. As we understood, De Niro was her ‘pimp,’ enabling Weinstein late night ‘sessions’ after the Tribeca Grill had closed for the night. Now, De Niro is facing potential police charges as well.

De Niro’s money-making joint was used by Weinstein to ‘seduce’ young actresses who want to make it in Hollywood, by forcing them to engage in sex acts. Don’t ever for a second begin to think De Niro was out of the loop on all this! The man even encouraged and enabled it!

Another one of De Niro’s secrets was also exposed, as the actor blamed Trump at the Global Citizen Forum for doing nothing in the Carribean as an aggressive hurricane made a landfall. Although you might begin to think he is just an outspoken person who stands up for what he believes in, the truth is De Niro is a business owner, and some of the most fruitful businesses of his are located on the Carribean. Namely, he owns a million-dollar-business hotel, so while you hear him complaining about Trump not doing anything about those  “poor Black people” on the island, he is actually making it work for himself alone.

As per the Hollywood Reporter, “De Niro recalled Barbuda as an ‘unspoiled beauty, a paradise found’ on his first visit many years ago. Now, he said, ‘we have a humanitarian crisis, an entire island destroyed.’ De Niro told the meeting: ‘We must act together to help the most vulnerable. The recovery process will be a long, hard road. … Working together with all of you, Barbuda can rise to be stronger and be more resilient.”‘

 De Niro can be a lot of things, but a patriot is not even close. The man has teamed up with the proper people on the left, who allow him to both talk trash about Trump and stay protected at the same time. However, having in mind his involvement in the Weinstein affair, we could not be seeing any more of De Niro anytime soon. And that’s a fairly positive thing.

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