Bill O’Reilly Is Gearing Up To Come Back To TV!

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There has been a lot of talks about Bill O’Reilly and the allegations that are against him. Several different women, most of them colleagues, have come out saying that O’Reilly sexually harassed them during his time at Fox News. These claims came with no evidence and are yet to be proven. For O’Reilly’s part, he has been trying to do everything that he can to clear his name of these attacks. Many people say that this is a liberal attack meant to bring him down.

As a result of these allegations O’Reilly was fired form his long time position as the host of the The O’Reilly Factor. He was by far the most popular host on Fox News and his firing has put Fox News in quite the hole. They have no idea what to do.

O’Reilly on the other hand has done quite well for himself. He has been hosting a podcast that is very popular among listeners. And he is also busy clearing his name of these allegations that are against him.

But new reports show that he might be getting ready to make a television comeback. Variety reports that he and the Sinclair Media Group are in talks that could result in him coming back on air as the host of the O’Reilly Factor.

If he did return to television, he would undoubtedly come back with a bang. Sinclair is trying to buy Tribune Media for $4 billion and if that does go through, welcome Bill back. O’Reilly has come out and said that he is not currently in talks with any media groups and is perfectly happy where he is. But that is obviously what he would want people to think if he were to come back.

Bill is not going to be happy with a podcast for the rest of his career. Especially considering the fact that many of the allegations against him are totally false and founded in hate from the left.

A Bill O’Reilly return would shut down many of Fox News’ hopes and dreams.

What do you think about this? Would you watch his new show?

(via: Politicus Daily)

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