Explosive SCANDAL Developing: Clinton, Mueller Sold 20% of U.S. Uranium to American ENEMY STATE

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In what would for all intents and purposes (given a non partisan media) be front page news on all media outlets Newsweek hardly considered a Conservative leaning bastion of truth, has led the way in reporting that a Senate probe investigating whether or not Robert Mueller alerted the Obama administration in regards to a Russian bribery scheme is now underway.

If the name Robert Mueller seems somewhat familiar, it should. Mueller is the guy who has been heading up the probe into possibly Trump administration collusion with Russia.

But it appears that the former head of the FBI might have a some explaining to do regarding his involvement in the sale and transfer of 20% of America’s Uranium. Some media outlets (such as the Gateway Pundit) are expressing concerns that Mueller’s involvement ran deep.

Newsweek has gotten into the act, their story has been dove tailing off of reporting by Brietbart editor-at-large Peter Schweizer (the author of the well regarded “Clinton Cash”)

In a plot line worthy of a Tom Clancy novel, Bill and Hillary Clinton, John Podesta, Eric Holder and a host of others are apparently guilty of involvement in a massive cover-up of not only the sale of sensitive strategic material to those who are currently being investigated as America’s chief enemies, but of extremely large amounts of cash changing hands with the nefarious Clinton Foundation as well.

Many find the fact that Hillary Clinton claims ignorance of these events to be extremely far fetched. Reporting on the story (and Tucker Carlson’s subsequent interview of Peter Schweizer) Breitbart reports that

“Hillary Clinton, who was secretary of state at the time of the U.S. government’s approval of the deal, has denied involvement in that approval process. That claim according to Schweizer “stretches credulity” and warrants an investigation.”

The Main Stream Media (CNN, MSNBC and others) are dangling all manner of shiny bits in front of their viewers hoping desperately to swing attention back to their anti-Trump agenda. But this story (which is now over seven years old) seems to be gaining traction, and denying that the Clinton Foundation profited from the sale of this material will be a difficult if not impossible mission for the left.

It should be noted that even left wing organizations such as National Public Radio (NPR) busted the Clinton Foundation for their profiting from the sale of this material as did the New York Times among a host of others. Although the Obama administration exceled at scrubbing the Internet (and in all likelihood still do) it might prove slightly more difficult given the extensive coverage that this story has received.

There are a few liberal media outlets who are still trying to carry the Clinton’s water on this, but that water is getting heavier every day, pun kind of intended.

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