The Truth About Trump and Russia Just Came Out – Putin Tells the REAL TRUTH About Their Ties!

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Russian President Vladimir Putin this week made startling revelations about President Trump that will in all likelihood be misconstrued by liberals and the mainstream media to bolster their own conspiracy theories.

But what Putin was really saying was that American politics has become so subservient to a radical and divisive liberal agenda that it’s all but impossible to accomplish anything of substance.

After repeatedly slamming US policies put in place under former President Barack Obama, Putin then surprised a gathering of political experts in the Russian resort town of Sochi by defending Trump.

Democrats and even elements within his own Republican party “haven’t allowed him to fulfill any of his election plans,” Putin said of Trump.

Instead, Putin complained, liberal forces in America are forcing Trump to continue down a path that has only served to put it at odds with Russia and much of the rest of the world.

“Our biggest mistake was to truth the West too much, which was interpreted as weakness,” Putin said of the past eight years under Obama.

He concluded by warning that “the West’s biggest mistake was to breach our trust.”

There’s no question that the mainstream, left-leaning media will take Putin’s defense of Trump as further “proof” that the two collaborated to “steal” the US presidential election.

In reality, Putin is far from being alone among world leaders in despising the US foreign policies implemented by Obama, many of which are still in force because Trump’s hands have been so tied.

(via: Conservative Post)

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