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This School Just Took Their Transgender Agenda WAY Too Far, and Conservative Parents are FURIOUS!

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The pseudoscience du jour known as “transgenderism,” whereby we ignore the actual science of biology in service to the liberal agenda, was until recently just a comical nuisance to normal folks.

But now it’s starting to get dangerous as we allow boys pretending to be girls gain intimate, and potentially threatening access to our actual girls.

Oddly enough, liberals have happily (perhaps unknowingly?) suspended one of their other pet causes – personal privacy – as they push “transgender rights.”

After all, is it not a violation of my daughter’s personal privacy is her school’s administration permits biological boys to watch her shower and use the same bathroom as her?

Because that’s what’s about to happen at what is described as “one of the leading schools” in the United Kingdom.

Via Conservative Tribune:

A state-funded boarding school in the politically correct insane asylum known as the U.K. intends to institute a new policy that will allow biological boys who question their so-called “gender identity” to be treated like girls, dress as girls and even sleep in the girls’ dormitory.

Gordon’s School in Woking, about 20 miles from London, was inspired to move forward with this plan because after it had “become aware of students who would ‘come out’ after leaving the school,” according to a statement issued to the media, the U.K. Daily Mail reported.

Reports surrounding this decision did not yet include any reactions from parents, but I can imagine that not a few parents of young girls are outraged by what this will mean for their daughters.

(via: Conservative Post)

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