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Trump’s Policies Just Helped Him Accomplish Something NO Other President Has Done – So Why is the Media IGNORING It?!

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There was much liberal wailing and gnashing of teeth after Donald Trump won the presidential election. The one consolation for liberals was their certainty that at least Trump would be a terrible president.

In that light, it’s little wonder that the liberal mainstream media is doing its very best to ignore President Trump’s stunning string of successes.

They think that if it’s unreported, it simply didn’t happen.

Well, think again.

Trump’s making America great again, and Americans are taking note, with or without the mainstream media.

As evidence of the media’s very clear bias, consider how aggressively they covered downturns in the stock markets during the early months of Trump’s presidency.

Well, I bet you haven’t seen much mainstream coverage of the markets lately.

That’s because they are BOOMING thanks to Trump’s orders to ease business regulations.

In fact, Fox Business reported that the Dow Jones, S&P 500 and the NASDAQ all closed at ALL-TIME HIGHS this week.

That’s a pretty major phenomenon, and it’s VERY conspicuous that the media didn’t pay it more attention.

(via: Conservative Post)

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