CNN CAUGHT Trying To COVER UP Crimes Of Hollywood Predator, Harvey Weinstein

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If you’ve watched television for more than 15 minutes at a time you’ve no doubt seen those commercials where people are caught in embarrassing (or dangerous) situations like being in the back of a car full of mobsters and suddenly questioned or being on the witness stand and being asked about robbing “the safe” by a Prosecutor (with a preponderance of evidence). Typically the individual in the commercial gets away from whatever precarious situation they find themselves in by telling their antagonists how they can save a bunch of money on car insurance.

One can only imagine the appeal that these commercials have to liberals given their habit of attempting to obviate from whatever bit of hypocrisy or dishonesty that they (or their cronies) have been caught up in. Quite simply liberals main defense is to deflect from their crimes by loudly expressing their hatred of Donald Trump.

At no time in recent memory (remember we are only going back for less than a year) has this been more evident than in the last few days. Why? Well because a certain Hollywood producer who has a propensity for err, umm, well, oh hell – the guy apparently pleasures himself by whacking off into potted plants and forcing celebrities to watch him bathe (really) (no really!!)

So of course given his abysmal treatment of  starlets and would be starlets seeking placement in his productions, it stands to reason that the ultra feminist liberal progressives are lambasting the guy and demanding his ouster from Hollywood – well, not quite.

You see many Liberals are using the – “Well Donald Trump is worse” defense. Brian Stelter (who arguably would be unemployed if the left actually liked Donald Trump) has gone into full deflection mode dragging out the old “Access Hollywood” tape in an effort to equate the 13 year old tape in which Trump was guilty of engaging in what has been best characterized as “locker room talk” and expressing what he thought some women were willing to do for fame (even perceived fame) with the antics of Harvey Weinstein who faces a growing list of women who are accusing him of actually forcing them to engage in sexual acts in order to secure roles in his productions.

Comparing Trump and Weinstein is akin to comparing a mouse and an elephant, sure they both have four legs and a tail, but the similarities pretty much end there.

But the left (of which CNN is most certainly part and parcel) cannot abide with having one of their own (such as mega donor and bundler Weinstein) as the main subject of the general public’s derision. They are desperate to pull Weinstein out of the public spotlight by any and all means and once again place Trump into their accusatory cross hairs.

Left wing talking heads are desperate to return the conversation to Russia or in the case of NBC to some made up story about Trump and Nuclear Weapons. The last thing that the left wants is people asking why Hillary or Barack didn’t speak out about someone’s creepiness and criminality but sure didn’t mind spending the guys money.

Hating Trump and spreading that hate is where the main stream media needs to return the focus of the news cameras, but If Conservatives are smart, they won’t let them.

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