Incensed GQ Writer Blames Trump For EVERYTHING — And Surprise, It’s Not Olberman

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Anyone hearing that someone at GQ wrote an amazingly obtuse article about the evils of Donald Trump can be forgiven for automatically assuming that the author’s last name was ‘Olbermann’

Surprisingly it’s not, one can only assume that Gentleman’s Quarterly employees a stable of ‘journalists’ who are ummmm, slightly off kilter (which is a really polite way of saying cra-cra-crazy).

In this case, the author was the less well known but equally incensed Drew Magary who really, really, really dislikes both Donald Trump and his supporters.

Recently Magory was angry about ESPN daring to suspend Jemele Hill (apparently these GQ journalists are always angry about something!). According to Fox News, Hill was suspended for sending tweets like this:

The “JJ” in the above tweet was referring to is Jerry Jones, owner of the Dallas Cowboys. Hill took umbrage with Jones for demanding the unthinkable – that the players under contract with him (who he is paying)- stand for the national anthem.

It would seem that encouraging people to boycott the Cowboys advertisers (which Hill did) was also (by default) encouraging boycotts against advertisers for Hill’s employer – ESPN. Sensible  individuals (none of who evidently write for GQ) would most likely see this as a bad idea.

Even Magory acknowledges this (at least a little) in his article “In a vacuum” he says “I suppose there is a certain reasonable justification for ESPN suspending Jemele Hill for two weeks after she suggested that fans could boycott sponsors of the Dallas Cowboys for forcing their players to stand for the national anthem.“ he quickly blows by this however, launching into a rant that takes on the President, chickens, people who like chicken, the media, bots, etc. His lengthy tirade went as follows

“Keep in mind that whenever the president takes time out from wiping chicken grease off the remote to attack an individual on Twitter, he sets into motion an entire industrial complex of nihilists, trolls, racists, sexists, truther media outlets, bots, and shitbags. When he mobilizes them, he does so specifically to direct their endless, unquenchable ire onto that person. Whether it’s Hill, or Carmen Yulin Cruz, or Alicia Machado (boy, I can’t quite put my finger on what those three people might have in common), Trump knows he can make their lives utter hell with a single tweet, and gleefully sets the wolves on them if they dare to displease him”

So utilizing liberal logic (yes an oxymoron) Hill’s suspension is somehow Trump’s fault? A through search of all Trump’s tweets in the last month reveals zero tweets that should have prompted Hill’s actions. Hill’s actions were based on an intense dislike or even hatred of Donald Trump, a man she referred to as a “White Supremacist” in earlier tweets (which surprise – ESPN didn’t suspend her for).

Magory and Hill and for that matter Keith Olberman are all selling the same old left wing hatred, but selling it from rather strange venues. Hill works for ESPN which used to be a cable sports network whereas Magory and Hill work for Gentleman’s Quarterly which used to be a magazine about overly expensive clothes.

Hopefully the three will become nothing more than very obscure and indiscernible answers to trivia questions, like that weird lady who ran against Trump. What was her name again?

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