Ludicrous Liberals Deliver Lecture to Conservative Women

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Just as your vehicle in all likelihood requires some type of petroleum product to operate, progressive liberalism requires victims in order to function. In fact it could be said that the more victims liberalism can create, the more fuel it has to carry out it’s disturbing agenda against America.

All that one has to do in order to observe this phenomenon is listen to a liberal “icon” speak for more than a moment. Once you negotiate their rhetoric, their attempts to create victims becomes readily apparent.

One example of this that has occurred as of late has been a chorus of liberals such as Hillary Clinton and her sworn enemy (turned political pal) Michelle Obama taking time out of their busy schedule of decorating mansions and partying on billion dollar yachts in order to lecture woman who actually dared to express their franchise in a way not ordained by the liberal hive mentality.

Having finally escaped the “nice prison” she was forced to languish in that and when not jet setting around the world with an entourage that would make Madonna blush, Hillary’s sister in arms (cant talk about Michelle Obama without mentioning arms) delivered a stern lecture to woman who voted for Trump. While speaking at a marketing and development conference Michelle Obama was quoted as saying “Any woman who voted against Hillary Clinton voted against their own voice,”

Apparently “real” women cover up for rapists (and worse) and engage in pay to play while supposedly representing American interests. When not busy with those strenuous tasks it appears as if it is permissible for “real” women to lie to grieving parents in front of their dead son’s caskets in order to cover up for their abysmal job performance.

Yes, “real” women not only lie, they are encouraged to lie about everything including where their damn name came from in the first place

Not only did Michelle blame woman for how they voted, she blamed them for why they voted suggesting that they voted for Trump “because they were told to”. Who was it that delivered these awful instructions to a helpless female population you ask? Why men of course! Misogynistic, awful, disgusting men!

Woman you see are all “victims” and their husband’s tell them how to vote and when to vote (just like in the 1930’s and 40’s). But fortunately liberals like Michelle and Hillary have been gracious enough to appoint themselves the voice and consciousness of women everywhere.

Strange how someone can appoint themselves a conscious without even having one isn’t it?

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